Our Board of Directors:

John Lynn, Chair
Thomas R. Jones, Jr., Vice Chair
Patricia Huff
Richard Ring
Bob Bromberg
James Accursio
Daniel P. Lipe
Richard Mullins
Keith Simmons
Mayor Otis Wallace
John Safranek
Frank Spinelli
Franklin Adams
Marlow Jacobsen
Stephen R. Shelley
Robert Lofton, OD
Sandy L. Dayhoff
David Freundlich

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About the Everglades Association

Since its inception in 1951, the Everglades Association has provided more than 2.5 million dollars in aid to the National Park Service areas of South Florida.

Cooperating Associations are one of the oldest and most enduring partnerships of the National Park Service. Their beginnings may be traced to the 1920's when park naturalists and historians saw the logic of partnering with private citizens to assist in gathering information about the parks and in educating the public about the parks. Your purchase helps benefit the parks and to further support their programs to increase public understanding of and support for their long term preservation and care.

Today, more than 65 associations work throughout the nation and support the preservation of a widely diverse National Park System.

The Everglades Association traces its roots to the Everglades Natural History Association, formed at Everglades National Park in 1951. In 1985, our scope of work was significantly expanded to include additional National Park Services responsibilities at Big Cypress, Biscayne, and Dry Tortugas.

The Everglades Association operates under Congressional authorities as the official private, non-profit partner supporting educational, interpretive, and historical and scientific research responsibilities of Biscayne, Dry Tortugas, and Everglades National Parks and Big Cypress National Preserve.

These areas comprise more than 2.5 million acres and form a vital network in preserving the South Florida ecosystem. By supporting increased public understanding of these world renowned natural and cultural areas, the Everglades Association also tangibly assists in raising public support for their long term preservation and care.




Executive Director
James Sutton

By becoming a member of the Everglades Association, you can be directly involved in helping preserve these parks as irreplaceable parts of South Florida's heritage.

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